[4 of 6] The Advantage of ‘Build-To-Lossless’

The feature ‘Build to  Lossless’ promises better interactivity at lower bandwidth consumption and pixel perfect quality. Starting with Citrix 7.18, when the user sets a policy for visual quality to ‘Build to lossless’, H.264 or H.265 is used instead of JPEG right after user interaction which forms the bulk of response. This is followed up with smaller updates to the screen resulting […]

Using H.264 Hardware Decoding for Youtube Videos with Tesla Maxwell boards

  I recently got a few complaints that users experience very high CPU load in a GRID enviroment when using specific browsers and watching Youtube videos. So what is reason for this? Youtube moved away from H.264 decoded videos and now provides VP9 decoded videos as default for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately the widely distributed Maxwell Tesla boards […]