Series of blog posts to come for best practice with remoting protocols and vGPU workloads

Recently, my colleague Nachiket and I had a talk around Citrix protocols and vGPU workloads on our annual GTC in Munich. If you would like to view the on demand recording of our GTC session click here

I got a lot of positive feedback afterwards and lots of questions around how and when to use which policy settings for the best user experience with GPU accelerated VDI workloads.

So we decided to start a series of blog posts where we show different protocol settings and the recommended use case.

This will include:

  • Comparison between Bitmap and Video codec
  • Comparison between H264 YUV420 and YUV444
  • Impact of using H265 instead of H264
  • Build to Lossless H264 feature (introduced with XD7.18)
  • Mixed Codec (Adaptive Display)
  • NVENC support with XenApp 1808
  • …….

Feel free to let me know where you would also be interested in.



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